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SOS stands for "Save Our Seahorses". Founded in 2004, it is a non-profit group committed to saving the seahorse and its associated habitats. Our mission is geared towards conserving not only the seahorse, but the ecosystem seahorses are dependent on, such as seagrass, mangrove and coral reef.

Our project is built upon research, education and outreach, active lobbying, capacity building and communication. Presently, SOS operates in the Pulai River Estuary in Johor and Penang Island.


Dear all,

We regret to inform that Save Our Seahorse (SOS) Malaysia will be discontinuing our Johor Volunteer Program due to high liability and safety concerns to everyone involved, in light of the ongoing developments at the Merambong shoals. Our research station in Kg. Ladang was also broken into again the weekend before Chinese New Year and we are still in the midst of identifying the damages and loss of properties.  Given our current circumstance,  we will discontinue operating the research station for the time being, to optimise cost effectiveness. Despite the discontinuation of the Johor Volunteer Program and the SOS research station, we will continue our efforts in protecting the seahorses and their habitats through research and conservation throughout Malaysia. We will keep you posted on our progress through our Facebook page with future activities to come. Look out for our “100 Seahorse Facts” info campaign, launching soon on our Facebook page.

Thank you very much for the never ending support to our cause and we look forward to having you again in our future projects.

~Saving the seahorses means saving the seas~

SOS Malaysia team.